Will Eisner Dead

One of the greatest comic book artists in the history of the media, Will Eisner, died on January 3rd after undergoing quadruple bypass heart surgery. He was 87. Eisner was the creator of The Spirit, a Sunday comic strip that ran in the papers from late-1939 to 1952. The Spirit was such an excellent strip because, even though it was just a few pages every week in newspapers, it was able to compete with the big comic giants (DC and Marvel). Also, it upheld the original style of super hero comics for about 10 years after the original style faded away. The Spirit, although a tad formulaic, also always had fantastic art (that was quite ahead of its time).

And the other great thing about Eisner was that he was a fabulous narrative writer. He wrote deep tales along with The Spirit as early as the 50s. And he kept going until 2005! A truly dedicated worker. And he has a new work, called The Plot coming out!

Today's New York Times Books section features an interview with legend Will Eisner regarding his newest book, The Plot, a rebuttal, in the form of a graphic novel, to the myth surrounding The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fictional work created by Russian anti-semites, which outlined the purported plan by Jews to rule the world.