Best British Songs Since 1977

Apparently, the BBC and some other group have created an award for the Best British Song Since 1977. Yeah -- pretty vague. Anyway, the list of nominees have been released, and they are as follows:

Heroes・David Bowie
We Are The Champions・Queen
Wuthering Heights・Kate Bush
Light Fever・Bee Gees
London Calling・The Clash
Love Will Tear Us Apart・Joy Division
That's Entertainment・The Jam
I Don't Want To Talk About It・Rod Stewart
Look of Love・ABC
Golden Brown・ The Stranglers
True・Spandau Ballet
Careless Whisper・George Michael
Holding Back The Year・Simply Red
Sledgehammer・Peter Gabriel
Sacrifice・Elton John
Unfinished Sympathy・Massive Attack
Why・Annie Lennox
Fields of Gold・Sting
Kiss From A Rose・Seal
Angels・Robbie Williams
Babylon・David Gray
Leave Right Now・ Will Young
Dry Your Eyes・The Streets

I think the list is totally wack, personally. "Best Song" is too vague and subjective, but whatever. Secondly, I do not really like how they put The Streets on the list, which, although The Streets are good, I think he is more of a modern fad/trend and not as timeless as London Calling, for example.
Who do I want to win? I would have to say (in this order of preference)
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart
2. London Calling
3. That's Entertainment