vhs or beta
Yeah -- I learned two things tonight.
First off, Pitchforkmedia is definately not always right, and Louisville can produce pretty good bands every once in a while.
So, on the spur of the moment, I decided to check out VHS or BETA who played at the Grog Shop. Okay ... let me say that their album is not a very good representation of their live performances. I have never seen a crowd get that crazy. VHS or BETA make some pretty good dance/punk songs that seem to have really heavy Daft Punk/electronic undertones. Good.

Two other things. The singer doesn't sound Asian, does he? Well, he is.
Also, at the Grog, I queued up That's When I Reached For My Revolver, by Mission of Burma, and the lead singer/guitarist was totally getting into it. I was proud of my musical selection ...
One of the other bands that played, The Twilight was pretty much the most pretentious British-Invasion/traditional rock 'n roll band I've ever heard. Plus, the singer was really effeminate and sung with a really high voice. Not so cool.