First off, yes, I am a liar.
Recently, I have been listening to Aphex Twin. I guess I was really impressed by Richard James' dedication to synthesizers and his work, even though he tends to be an total jerk about it (or so I've heard). James has been around, doing synth stuff and DJing events etc. for about 20 years (or almost that ... ), and now he has changed his name once again to Analord, and done something really pretentious. Yeah, he's releasing 10 volumes of music through 2005 called Analord 1 thru 10, starting with Analord 10.

So, why is that pretentious, and not just a little impractical? Because these discs are (a) very limited, (b) very expensive ($75 for 10, which is a mere 13 minutes long), and (c) they come in a goofy binder where fans will store the future volumes of the set. I don't know about this new project of Mr. James -- it's like one of those "I am not commercial" type gigs, where, by being "non-commercial," you end up looking even more corporate ... or something ...