Canadian Band Roundup

they shoot horses
Two new noteworthy Canadian bands: They Shoot Horses (probably named after the 1969 movie of the same name) and the Lovely Feathers. Both of the bands are very unique, but completely different.
They Shoot Horses has one of the strangest band line ups I've ever seen! Trombone, trumpet, sax, drums, and occasionally guitar. They write pop-ish songs (verses, choruses, 3-4 minutes ... ), but there is something very quirky about them. Please listen to Hit My Head right now, and try and tell me that they aren't unique.

the lovely feathersThe Lovely Feathers are also quite good. They sound like some strange mix between the Monochrome Set (crisp, light pop sound), Madness (the use of piano/snythesizer), and the Talking Heads. I really enjoy trying to figure out what exactlly inspires the group since I definately cannot place my finger on it. The weird part is that they sound like a hybrid of all those bands, had none of them previously existed. So they kind of skipped the whole influence step and made up something new, or that's what it sounds like to me. Please listen to their album here!