Jordon Crane

keeping two part two
Although I was never able to get my hand on one, I have always wanted several issues of the infamous Non magazine by Jordon Crane. I emailed the artist a half year ago or so, and he promptly replied, telling me that reprints of Non were unlikely, as he did not want to screen-print several hundred more covers. I was surprised to hear that Mr. Crane screen prints his comic covers by hand, but apparently it is true!
While I was in St. Louis, I picked up his newest works (with screen-printed covers!), Keepting Two parts One and Two! I thoroughly enjoyed both issues, and I cannot wait until the next installments come out!
I also discovered that you can read all of his Keeping Two stips at Highwater Books.

Jordon Crane is a fantastic screen printer (look at some of these), an excellent artist, and an apt writer. I enjoy his comics because they are (a) well paced, (b) coherent, and (c) very charming in a way that is usually not charming at all (but maybe that has more to do with the drawing style than anything else ... )
I highly recommend everything he has ever done and is yet to create!