Ed Emberly Clocks

I find it pretty strange that certain Japanese people discover obscure American artists, TV shows, etc. and then capitalize off them in their Japanese-only forms (or do they capitalize much?)

So, now after you have collected your Kid America (a NYC public-acess TV show) [Japanese-only] action figures, you can move onto finding Ed Emberly's clocks [and rolls of tape]! Ed Emberly is a how-to-draw-cartoons book creator. He has also done some generic childrens' books, but he is known for the how-to books. The clocks and tape are produced by some company called Hightide, but I have discovered that Japanese companies simply like to write "produced by" on a lot of items, and so it can sometimes be a misleading term. Buy them here

I shouldn't be so harsh on good ol' Ed. For those of you who don't know him, he actually is an excellent artist that somehow got involved in creating how-to books and never stopped. He has made something like 50 books, so he is indeed a prolific artist! I actually would love to have one of my walls be graced by one of his clocks ... they are very stylish!