Bizarro World

bizarro world
I feel a little remorse when I think about how many indie comics I used to read compared to my sporadic (at best) comic reading habits of today. The only comic on my bedside table is Kramer's Ergot 5, which I don't even think counts as a "real" comic (but it is definately an indie ... )
I'm hoping that I will regain my interest in the medium on February 2 with Vertigo's release of Bizarro World, a collection of Bizarro-themed stories written and drawn by the likes of [Cleveland's Finest Comic Writer] Harvey Pekar, Tony Millionaire, Peter Bagge, Tom Hart, Jaime Hernandez, and loads more!

DC also released Bizarro Comics, which was a similar project. It was just a collection of Bizarro-themed stories by cool indie artists. And the cover of that specific anthology was very neat since it was drawn by Matt Groening! Regardless, this new Bizarro tome looks like it has more potential. I am especially curious to see what Pekar does. I have a feeling that he'll just write an autobiographical tale about the affect Batman played on his childhood or something ...