Fantastic Four Movie

fantastic four
Yeah, so the super-hero movies are getting a little old, but whatever, I like them usually! Regardless of quality, it looks like Marvel is pulling ahead of DC in the movie world. DC came out with Catwoman, which flopped, and they are apparently releasing a new Batman movie, but that might not be that great either.
ANYWAY, Marvel is releasing a Fantastic Four movie soon, and it is looking pretty good. At least better than Daredevil was, and Elektra is looking ...
The trailer is pretty good. Unfortunately, you don't really get to see the Human Torch, who I think will look awesome in the actual film. The other good news is that Doctor Doom will be in the film, and I'm sure that the film makers had a fun time with him.

And the cast? Jessica Alba is Susan Storm! Other than her, though, it's a pretty lame cast. I'm sure they'll all do fine though ...
In the broader picture, I always thought that the comic was kind of weird. The team never really fit in with the rest of the Marvel universe. First off, everyone knew who they were, and secondly, all of their adventures seemed to be pretty self-contained ... like, they never really hung out with the X-Men or anything, so I think the film will be a nice change in theme -- or something.