The Strokes New Album News

the strokes
Not that I'm a big fan of The Strokes or anything, but I thought that everyone should know that the "long" wait is nearly over. The band has recorded 5 tracks of the currently unnamed third album (and I'm guessing that they'll stick with the 11-track LP, so they're half-way done)! And, to sweeten the deal, they recorded the album in Hell's Kitchen! Okay, maybe that doesn't sweeten the deal, but maybe it makes them more hardcore? Whatever -- feel free to make your own call on this, I'm just the messanger.

THE STROKES have recorded five songs for the follow-up to 2003 ROOM ON FIRE

The band have been busy in their recording studio, located in the Hell's Kitchen district of New York, working on their third album.

Aren't you all wondering what I really think about the Strokes? Well, I think that their first album was a very much needed album to revive the NYC scene. In retrospect, Is This It was a good lo-fi indie/rock record, but the thing that made the Strokes so important was just being there. They jump started the whole NYC scene again, and now there are [arguably] many more bands based in NYC than there were in the 90s. I'm probably giving them too much credit, but I still like the guys, even if they are rather preppy.