Charlotte Hatherly

Remember my little blurb on guilty pleasures (i.e. Gwen Stefani?) ... yeah, so now I have a new one. Charlotte Hatherly writes addictive Brit-pop songs. The video for her new single, Bastardo is particularly excellent. She combines teenage girl angst (which is barely angst at all) with very pretty guitar hooks, tight harmonies/vocal layering, and funny lyrcis, all with a little bit of a Spanish twist. I love it!
Also, her voice is so sweet. It is a little harsh, but also so cushy and calm. I want to buy her CD, Grey Will Fade, or at least the single for Bastardo, but I live in America, and these things are hard!

Charlotte used to be in Ash, a mediocre Brit-pop band, for which she played guitar. I never listened to much of their work, but they were pretty generic British stuff. I hate to say this, but whenever I hear Bastardo, I think "this is what Tuscadero would have sounded like, had they not been as good and had they gone commercial." I'm sorry Tuscadero -- I love you.