The Bravery

the bravery
So this new band, The Bravery is okay. I came across them recently and listened to the three songs that one can listen to on their website. The easiest comparison for me to make here is that they are kind of similar to the Killers, but probably better (not that the Killers are that great), mixed with a normal British band.
I do enjoy their music, though. It is nothing more than you would expect it to be for a modern British band, but they are okay.

Also, I enjoy their site layout and their album art. It is all very pretty and I think it fits their style well. It is always reassuring for me to listen to a band that has a good sense of style.
Style doesn't usually matter too much, but I must admit that, if an album has good cover art, I am more likely to buy it. Also, interesting packaging, like the Menomena CD (I Am the Fun Blame Monster) is always a pull.