Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime: The Stories Behind Every Song

talking heads book
The Talking Heads has always been one of those bands that is often referred to and admired and copied off of, but never covered as much as, say, Nirvana, The Ramones, and other revolutionary bands. And they totally should.
ANYWAY, a new book is out about them, and it looks like it might be pretty cool. The book has not only written stories about songs by the Talking Heads, but it also has loads of pictures to accompany the writing. I guess the concept is also pretty interesting: write about inspirations ...
I can't really remember any other music book that used "inspirations for songs" as its focus, so I am excited to read it!

Now -- why was it that the Talking Heads were "revolutionary"? They were a strange band, because they were thrown into the "CBGB's punk scene" with the Ramones and other early American punk bands. But the Talking Heads weren't really punk, and that's why they are even more interesting. They wrote very political songs and pulled influences from multiple sources (this was before David Byrne went a little soft and incorporated too much world music into his stuff). I always find it remarkable that the Talking Heads performed with the Ramons and Blondie along with other eclectic bands. The mere fact that power-pop associated with early art-rock and punk is fascinating to me, and I kind of wish it would happen more today.
There is no movement like the New Wave movement anymore ... you can't categorize pub rock and punk and power-pop and all the other emerging types of music in one big book under one all inclusive name anymore ...