You always get a mixed bag of stuff when looking at music videos. There are the [disgustingly] formulaic rap/hip-hop (what is the difference, and who really cares?) videos, the generic rock video, the angst ridden "theme" video (i.e. "the harships of being a tennager"), the funny video, the animated video, and oh so many countless others.
Videos.Antville is the best website for all your music video desires. Although it is just a whole bunch of links, the videos they post are usually very interesting either because of the music that is featured or the director that collaborated on the project.

I was happy to find a live video of the Arcade Fire, even though it is ridiculously low-res. And, although I think that Bjork has kind of gone crazy, I was intrigued by her newest video, which has a very warm and dreamy kind of feel to it (plus -- it's directed by Spike Jonze!)