Well, it was time for my weekly good-new-band update. And I'm having a bit of a difficult time finding a good one even, as I have limited resources here. But I have found a band called Neon which I think is pretty good if you're into a harsh sounding kind of rock 'n roll sound. Neon is a trio - two guys, one girl - and they like to use lots of harmonies and simple rock hooks. Nothing brand new here, but they are quite good at what they do, and I would like to hear more music than what I've found on their website.

Their music videos are a different story, however. I enjoy music videos greatly, and you can actually often tell if a band is good or not by the quality of their music videos. I will give Neon some slack since they are new and only have one album, but their videos looks like they were filmed in the same studio (same set), and they use a lot of the same effects ...