New Order - Waiting For The Sirens Call

new order
Everyone that reads BiBaBiDi probably has picked up on my absolute love of Joy Division. Well, as any good JD fan should, I also like New Order, which is releasing a new album, Waiting For The Sirens Call, this March (the 28th). A couple of things concerning the album:
(a) It looks like NO is really going to be pushing this album: they are planning to release 3 singles to start with, and there will probably be more to come!
(b) The album will be "like 1989's Technique," which was a pure dance album.
(c) Some new guy, named Cunningham (keyboards and guitar), replaced Gilbert (keyboards).
(d) ... There are way too many big names involved with this project to list them all, but I'm impressed ...
ANYWAY -- I hate to say this, but I am not especially looking forward to the album. Get Ready (2001) really wasn't that great, and with each album, NO strays further from their JD/Factory Records roots. It is very sad to me ...

At least they have Peter Hook, who I think is a really cool guy. I really admire how he got over the death of Ian Curtis and moved his band onto stardom, even if I do wish he stuck more to the older sound (i.e. Power, Corruption, Lies).
Lastly, I think that everyone in Manchester that liked NO already copied them. I mean, NO was pretty much in charge of the Hacienda -- they got people to play there that sounded like them! Their sound has been so widely distributed and copied, that it just won't be the same. Maybe I am too much of a traditionalist, but I just don't think I will be able to enjoy their music as much anymore knowing that it really has been done!