New Garbage Album

I've always had a fascination and adoration of the Icelandic band, Garbage because of the singer's fantastic voice and the incredibly high production quality of all their records. Although a lot of critics say Garbage isn't all it's cracked up to be (they don't write very good songs, the structures are repetitive/formulaic etc.), I find the band to be quite good. The songs do tend to follow a similar path (start with a simple, understated hook, evolve into a tremendously orchestrated sound and then die back down), but I like the "formula," so what's wrong with that?
Anyway, Garbage has a new CD called Bleed Like Me, set for release in early April!
Even though Garbage has become more popular (and probably more elaborate in sound) since their beginnings in the early-90s, I still love them. I like to compare old pictures of the group, before the singer had blood red hair and before the producers started to bald.

Even though their sound was a little simpler and used older technology in the 90s, and the music was probably a little fresher then, I like their last CD (Beautifulgarbage) the most out of them all. So, I hope the best for them, and I am sure that this next CD will not disappoint.