The Cribs

the cribs
Another new band, the Cribs. I remember listening to them when their MP3 links actually worked, and I liked them. I was supposed to post this a while ago, but I didn't, so I can't remember how they sound too well.
ANYWAY, if my memory is correct, I liked them. Firstly, this trio is made of three brothers -- something I have never heard of before-- and they are from West Yorkshire. They say their big influences are the Sex Pistols, the Smiths, and a couple other important English bands, but I think they've made a sound of their own. Whatever -- it's pretty good stuff, but again, nothing new.
Oh -- and I found some MP3s ...
Another Number
Baby Don't Sweat

The Quest continues ... I am trying to find it -- a new sound, a new band ... something that wasn't around until "when I find it." Until then, I will continue to mess around, party, and have a good time ... but I know that someday I will listen to the new thing, and then ... I'll, um ...