Wolf Parade

wolf parade
I am not sure how I found out about Wolf Parade (as I was pretty out of it at the time, I think), but I am very happy that I found them! I immediately went to their New Music Canada website, where I listened to a bunch of their songs, and boy were they excellent.
Wolf Parade has a very rough sound, which I think is mostly due to not being one of those "big budget production bands." But that's okay. In fact, the mere fact that they are (a) from Canada and (b) low-budget makes them incredibly worthwhile.
But they also make very unique music. Even though tons of bands these days are trying to be unique by just being weird (i.e. the Unicorns), Wolf Parade remains cool and weird and unique, which is quite a combo!

They list their genres as being "R&B," "Gospel," "Punk," "Soul," and "Heavy Rock," but I get the impression that these are just jokes. Or else Canadians have a very skewed picture of music (which actually might explain a lot of other questions us Americans have about Canada).
ANYWAY -- I suggest that everyone listens to them, and I want them to release an album, and when they do, I want to review it (not that I am an especially notable reviewer ... )

Note -- I found out that Wolf Parade has signed to Sub Pop, and Mr. Brock of Modest Mouse will produce their album!