Garden State

garden state
Yeah -- so it came out on DVD a week or so ago, and it's old news anyway now that it's not in theatres, but I thoroughly enjoyed Garden State, and I would like it if everyone sees it (even if this would be your second, third, or even forth time).
Now, rating movies is definately not my forte. In fact, I am not a very good critic to begin with, but since I have read hundreds of music reviews, I am able to write those with some confidence.
Anyway, I think that Garden State was very good, but not excellent for a couple reasons (only one of which I will write ... ) First off, the dad was too old (if your son is 26, you should be more like late 50s, early 60s ... not 70 ... )
Also, I like how the movie did not focus on the death of the mother. That was good. I was afraid that the dead mom would be the center of the plot or always be tied back into the story, but that wasn't the case at all!

The last really great aspects of the movie were the characters. I loved Andrew so much. He was such an incredibly cool guy. He was almost always really chill and laid back and always a little sarcastic. But he also was not at all static, and that is what made him an even better character. I liked how in the beginning of the film, Andrew was really tight and nervous all the time, but then he started loosening up over time and was almost completely changed by the end of the movie.
Also, Sam's character was so terribly charming. I loved her also. She was so perfect for Andrew and she was so interesting, yet so realistic.
And that was why the movie was so bloody great -- it was truly believable ... I felt like I could have had any one of those conversations if I was in a similar situation. But my experiences probably wouldn't be as perfect ...
(Oh yeah -- it was also fantastic cinematography ... )