Moby - Hotel

The [severely] aging hipster, Moby, is releasing a new album in March called Hotel. I don't really know what to think about his 5th album ... I was not too impressed by 18, but I guess it could be okay ...

The thing about Moby is that he isn't really a musician anymore. It's like Bono from U2, but even less musician. He talks about politics a whole lot and does little TV show appearances (i.e. being on Rides) and hangs out with big names. Also, it really got to me when people kept telling him "techno is dead," and I kept thinking, "(a) Moby doesn't really do techno anymore, and (b) who really cares?" Lastly, I do not really appreciate Moby's growing ego (or maybe I'm imagining things). He has that little diary where he likes to talk about how he is unburdened by the usual rock star problems (i.e. hangovers, drugs, etc.) and how he is a vegetarian and how he loves peace and the enviroment. Like, that's cool, but I just don't really care about it so much anymore. He was writing that stuff when it wasn't cool, but now that he's been doing it for a while, it's old. Like how people that used to do Yoga before it was cool aren't really any cooler than people doing it now even though they that pride in being ahead of the crowd or something. So, the whole Moby thing is a little old, and I am not too excited about seeing it revived.