Harold and Kumar

harold and kumar
Wow -- I loved this movie way too much. But what isn't to like about one of the best slacker movies made in the past 10 years or so? I don't only like watching movies like Harold and Kumar, I like all kinds of movies, but I tend to really enjoy watching movies that require no thought. I view H & K as the escapist novel middle aged women read of disillusioned individuals as myself. If only my life could be as cool as Kumar's ... even if his life - as I know it - was only an hour and twenty five minutes. Not that any of their experiences are anything different or new ... everyone does the stuff they did in the movie ... but it's so perfect. Harold and Kumar had the perfect stoner night -- nothing went wrong wrong, no one said anything that sounded stupid to the listener, and even though they were stoned out of their minds, both the guys were completely on top of the ball.

But the movie was actually pretty well done in its own weird sort of way. Good soundtrack, good script (very realistic), and never a boring moment, although it may have climaxed a little early. Whatever -- it did what I wanted it to do for me, and I now feel like a new man ... I have been inspired by the duo to do ... something, even though I don't know what that is yet.