New Yeah Yeah Yeahs CD

karen o
I'm a pretty big fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I have been looking forward to their newest album for a year or so (always give a band at least a year for a new album). It looks like the YYY were going to have an album out this summer (or around that time), but they have moved the new album back to this fall (which probably means this winter). They didn't want to make Fever to Tell, Part 2, so they threw all the new material out and started afresh!

The band has already recorded an untitled track, according to guitarist Nick Zinner.

Zinner named three more unrecorded songs that have already been written, and are presently slated for inclusion: "On Board", "Honey Bear" (both played at recent concerts) and "Cheated Hearts". The weeks between now and the planned studio time in March will be spent writing songs and working on what the NME breathlessly calls "mystery side projects." Perhaps Zinner and Karen O are at work on more Unitard material!

Nick Zinner is just a damn good guitarist. He has excellent chops ... think about it for a second. He is the one that carries the melody ... Karen O. has a very cool and distinctive voice, but it's all Nick. Maps is an excellent example of his crazy skills ... but the whole album shows his versatility. I always like to hear it when he jumps an octave or two and those kinds of "tricks" he does best ... he keeps the song structure interesting.