Fire Walk With Me Expanded DVD

fire walk with me
Twin Peaks was one of the best TV Shows of the 90s, and probably the most obscure netowrk TV show to be of moderate success (2 seasons!)
Fire Walk With Me was David Lynch's feature film that he wrote after the series ended. I kind of liked the movie, but I expected more from it. Part of the reason that it wasn't all that great was because they deleted over an hour of the intended movie from the film!
Anyway, as I did not know this to be the case, I did not know that there have been efforts since the mid-90s to release the "director's cut" (so to speak), and these efforts seem to have finally come to some fruition!
With any luck, the expanded "director's cut" DVD will appear on shelves this year!

There were tons of reasons why the full movie has not been released yet. The most commonly cited reason being that New Line Cinemas had a lot of trouble getting the rights from the Twin Peaks studio to actually release the full movie. I always get incredibly confused when I talk about studios and who owns what right and who distributes, etc., but New Line had "problems" ... that's all you need to know. Also, David Lynch refused to release the full movie unless he was given full creative power of it (i.e. being allowed to select the scenes and put them together). I hope that the movie comes out, but I have a hunch that it won't be as good as it's cracked up to be and it will definately not be as good as the original show!