Mommy and Daddy

mommy and daddy
There is this truly fantastic record label in NYC called Kanine Records. I have enjoy all of their bands (Grizzly Bear, for example, is signed with them), and I can't wait to see which band they sign next.
Anyway, I just started listening to Mommy and Daddy, which is a duo from NYC that use drum machine loops and fuzzy bass lines to create an original pop sound. I really enjoy how they use the tag-team style call-and-response thing in all of their songs, and how the seemingly obscure and dated form of singing always sounds incredibly fresh.
I am looking forward to hearing more from these two and I can't wait for my CD to come in the mail!

One of the reasons I am so excited about Kanine Records is because they look like they may be the record label that represents the "next big thing" - as Spin magazine call it - whatever that may be ...
They have even released a fantastic compilation of new NYC music which I find to be expertly chosen and organized. Give Kanine Records 5 more years, and they are going to be so important in the indie music world that we'll all get tired of hearing about them ...

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