Lapin(MySpace) is an electronic artist working out of Tokyo ... he's also unfortunately not getting the attention he deserves.

This guy combines the abrupt, sharp nature of current French electro with something funkier and more smooth, suave even. I can't get enough of "Galaxie" (which is reminiscent of something Mr. Oizo would do to me) ...
On top of doing his own stellar tracks and spectacular remixes, he's quite the mash-up artist (MySpace dedicated to Lapin's mash-ups) ... I love "Zdar Guitar Pogo" -- a mash-up of the Chemical Brothers and Digitalism -- and the Van She vs. Tiga mash-up ("Kelly Far From Home") is pretty stellar, too.

Now ... why does this dude live so far away? Clearly, from the live mixes he's posted on his site, he can do some amazing live shows, and he's got the material to hype up on the internet for further support of his act ...
We'll just keep him secret for the time being.
Lapin - Galaxie (2007 Mix)
Lapin - Galaxie (Blaze Remix)
Lapin - Galaxie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you please post something other than electronica. they all sound the same.

or at least different sounding electronica.. like that song pogo by digitalism. that was pretty good.

anyway just a suggestion, i like your site

Blogger nik mercer said...

by no means do i only post electronica ...
the next two days will be totally non-electronica unless something new pops up.
as i've planned it, though ... no electronica. i'm diverse! give me a break and look through the archives ...

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