Mordant Music is just about one of the most esoteric record labels out there. The company is headed by Baron Mordant, Lord Klattr, and Admiral Greyscale (what awesome pseudonyms!), and maintains a very secretive and oblique style and presence for every one of its releases.

One of the two most recent Mordant Music CDs is the Tower's Parts VIII - XVIII, a follow-up to Parts I - VII ("seven movements of mock-Tudor menace which failed to trouble a cellbound Burzum").
Through all the confusing and mysterious story lines, what you really need to take is that Parts VIII - XVIII is an investigation into the medium of "black metal electronics" (symbolic of the dismal and foreboding brick tower on the cover of the album).

If it's all too conceptual and bizarre for you, then just enjoy the music, anyway. Tower's LP is wonderful ... a sublime exploration into the dark, cavernous world of drone electronics, psychedelic repetition, and enchanting atmospheric soundscapes. Parts VIII - XVIII has me enamored ... the nonchalant complexity that is exuded by the seemingly chaotic works of Tower will draw you in and not let you go until the full record is over with ...

Buy the album! Highly recommended!
Tower - Part IX/Gaining Mmomentum
Tower - Part X/Black Advance
Tower - Part XII/On Cracked Hooves