Bear In Heaven

bear in heaven
Home Tapes is the stellar label that released material by such bands as Feathers, the Caribbean, Shedding, and, one of my favorites, Slaraffenland.
The label officially announced on June 1 it's latest signing: Bear In Heaven (MySpace)). The Brookly-based group has been around for a while now -- already having one EP under their belt -- but they've revamped their image, sound, and line-up for the Hometapes stint. Their first album, Red Bloom of the Boom, will be released in October (quite a ways off, unfortunately!), and will include the track, "Bag of Bags."

Now ... for the groups sound.
The band's style has been carefully crafted by Jon Philpot, the frontman and creator of Bear In Heaven. He clearly has a penchant for psychedelica and drugged-out meandering melodies. It's like Pink Floyd, 2007, but with a little something else ... maybe it's the atmospheric qualities (a little shoegaze?) or the start-stop structure of some of the songs that makes the sound overall more accessible and poppy than one would imagine.

Regardless, Bear In Heaven's got a sound that works and that pulls you in. Whet your appetite with "Bag of Bags" until the album drops!
Bear In Heaven - Bag of Bags