Antena, Revived

isabelle antena
Antena, the seminal French bossa nova act from the early 1980s, has been given the remix treatment countless times. Most recently, the music of Isabelle Antena has been remixed, reworked, even 're-rubbed' by a whole slew of interesting and excellent artists and DJs for a release, Versions Speciales. Camino del Sol, on Permanent Vacation.

For those of you who are new to Permanent Vacation, it's the German label that also was behind the phenomenal Kathy Diamond album, Miss Diamond To You (which was produced by Maurice Foulton, AKA Mu's producer). Diamond's album is minimalist funk at it's finest ... contemplative, beautifully composed, layered, and produced dark disco that is topped off with Miss Diamond's strong, deliberate, and seductive voice.

But enough of her. This remix album is driving me crazy!
I'm posting two tracks from the original Camino del Sol, so you can get a good idea/refreshing of the superb, mystical bossa nova sounds of Antena. The other tracks are remixes from the Permanent Vacation release ... my favorites are the remix of "Camino del Sol" and the re-rub of "Joppo + Eno." But man ... that Chromatics mix is spectacular. When I popped this disc in, I immediately thought, "wow ... now I see where Chromatics get some of their inspiration from!" ... and sure enough, they've contributed their own version of "On the Boat"!
Antena - Damino del Sol (Todd Terje Remix)
Antena - Joppo + Eno (Pink Alert Re-rub)
Antena - Frantz (Nouvelle Vague Mix)
Antena - On the Boat (Chromatics Main Mix)
Antena - Antena - Camino del Sol
Antena - Antena - Climb the Cliff