Clique Talk

clique talk
Clique Talk is a friggin' rad trio from Chicago. On first listen, it's a little difficult to spot the uniqueness of the group ... they sound a little trendy -- abbrasive synth lines, howling vocals, whacked out lyrics, super rhythmic edging-on-tribal drumming -- but once you dig a little below the surface, that's where their true colors are exposed, and man are they stunning.

Imagine a more demonic version of Liars without all the chanting, or like, a more industrial version of Wire. Maybe I'm being delusional, but some of these melodies sound like Eurythmics/80s synth-pop group lines that have been seriously dubbed and warped. Maybe that's a good way to put Clique Talk's style, though ... it's as though they've collected all the leftover fragments of the post-punk and early New Wave stuff as well as DFA disco-twinged stuff, blended them all together, and heated the concoction up, making it sludgier, thicker, and completely new.

I see they're friends with Chromatics on their MySpace page. That makes sense.
Clique Talk - Tight Like A Nun
Clique Talk - Androgynous Misogynist