Clare & the Reasons

clare & the reasons
Orchestral pop is an ambiguous term, but I'm certain that Clare & the Reasons (MySpace) fit the bill perfectly.

The Reasons are fronted by Clare Munchon, a Brooklynite endowed with a tremendously sultry, gorgeous voice. The album, The Movie, a ornately arranged and composed ... the first single, "Pluto," is a serene and simple strings-led jazzy pop tune that grabs you with the first harmonies and pulls you in further with the cute piano line and sparse, lounge-y drumming.

Quite a few awesome musicians helped in the creation of this record, too! From Van Dyke Parks to Sufjan Stevens to Gregoire Maret, The Movie features an all-star lineup! Keep an eye out for the record at Frog Stand Records, the label that's releasing the LP.
Clare & the Reasons - Pluto


gwen said…
They're wonderful, thanks for sharing this. I wish the album wasn't such a long wait...