Taken By Trees

taken by trees
Victoria Bergsman, of "Young Folks" vocals and the Concretes fame, is now prepping the release of Open Field her solo debut under the moniker, Taken By Trees (MySpace).

The LP will be release everywhere but the U.S. on June 18, and I cannot wait to hear the thing! It's uber-minimal folksy stuff with Victoria's sweet, yet mildly shaky and reserved voice floating through the arrangements so magically.

It's always incredibly impressive to me when I found an artist who can just emote so much emotion, style, and messages through such sparse songwriting and craftsmanship.
I hate to say it, but ... was it best for Bergsman to leave the Concretes, then? (Yes.)
Here're two demo tracks that will whet your appetite for the record!
Taken By Trees - Lost & Found
Taken By Trees - Hours Pass Like Centuries