I finally got to listening to the new Shout Out Louds album, Our Ill Wills (which has been hyped quite a lot for being produced by PB&J), and the accompanying EP, Tonight I Have to Leave It.
And they're both quite good, although this post do not pertain specifically to the Shout Out Louds, but rather ... Kleerup.

The guy's from Stockholm and is quite a good disco-fused dance producer. His first single, "With Every Heartbeat" is a little too techno for me, but hey -- it features Robyn on vocals!
Kleerup, it seems, is a classic example of a producer who is better at remixing than creating his own stuff (think Van She's own music vs. their amazing remixes). But I'll give him a bit more of a chance ... a few more singles and then we'll see.

Anyway ... Kleerup remixed "Tomorrow I Have to Leave It" for the Shout Out Louds, and it's pretty good! It's bouncey and very techno-y, which works when it's all offset with the Swedish-pop qualities of the Shout Out Louds. To begin with, anyway, the track has quite a rhytmic foundation to it, and that's why this remix works so well.
So check it out, listen to some of Kleerup's own stuff on his MySpace page, and enjoy!
the Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It (Kleerup Remix)