It seems as though there's an even newer wave of French electro artists approaching our shores now: the acts who finally built up the courage and stamina to brave the crossover from France to the U.S. after Justice and the rest of the Ed Banger crew did it so well.

From Breakbot to Teenage Bad Girl and now ... DatA, a sort of hybrid of Kavinsky and Justice ... abbrasive, speedy, driven electronic dance music with climaxes and developments that are terribly predictable, but too much fun and excitement to ignore.

The Parisian is signed to Ekler'o'shock records -- a rather new label that focuses on pretty heavy techno-leaning music -- and released Aerius Light E.P. on May 27. It features the original track, two other tunes, and a Breakbot remix of "Aerius Light." Nice package!

Anyway ... check out the A-side and dig around for some more goodies!
DatA - Aerius Light


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