Carrion Squared

carrion squared
The other new Mordant Music< release is Carrion Squred, a compilation of drone based pieces -- forty in total actually! -- and is described by the label as, " ... the sound of myriad life forms thriving in the otherwise stagnant dead pools of commerce ... the distorted sonic malaise lying dormant in the air conditioning unit of a Kent logistics firm ... the gaseous chime of an unchecked bacteria breeding in the foyer of a plastics division in Hull ... "

I can't write a better description, but just know that this is absolutely amazing drone music ... like a darker, more contrived, and eerier Bian Eno. Instead of Music for Airports, this should be seen as Music for Graveyards or something of that nature.
I love stuff like this ... music that you actively ingest and hear, but that fades from the mind once it's over; that fades from memory one milisecond after the song's done. Truly, works like these are few and far between. Think of how laborious a process it must be to make something that's so deep, so complex, layered, and though out, but still nothing that anyone will really pay attention to.

Below are only four tracks -- just a tenth of the entire CD! -- so be sure to buy the thing, too!
Deportivo Suppressant
Fading Font
Keep Whacking Me