Speaker Bite Me Remixes

speaker bite me
The Danish group, Speaker Bite Me (MySpace), just released a bunch of remixes of songs from their album, Action Painting (which was released on the great Morningside Records (the same folks who brought us I Am Bones and Oh No Ono to name a few).

The band's own sound is reminiscent of Talking Heads with a more eerily experimental edge. There's something very dark and mysterious about the group, and that's not just because they're from Copenhagen. They sing like possessed zombies or something, and to me that's ... very cool, very hip, very seductive.

Anyway, the remixes. While I've yet to listen to them all, I picked out a few gems so far ... first, "Bongo Bizarre" was remixed by Junior Senior, and it's friggin' awesome! Funkier and brighter than the original, it'll keep you going! Oh No Ono did a remix of "Belle de Boskoop" and it, too, is very well done. A little more start-stop than the original, a little tenser and jerkier, but very nice overall as well.
So check out those two tracks at least, but get the whole thing here!
Speaker Bite Me - Belle de Boskoop (Oh No Ono Remix)
Speaker Bite Me - Bongo Bizarre (Junior Senior Remix)


Anonymous said…
i'm still waiting for a new oh no ono album. the last one was lots of fun.