Franz & Shape

franz & shape
I've never heard of Franz & Shape before, but I'm glad I was notified of their existence this morning.

The Italian producer and sound engineer duo creates pretty heavy ... rave-y sort of music. Hey, their MySpace slogan is, "Nu Rave?It's Real Rave!" ... maybe that explains something.
While I'm not much of a rave guy, I do like some of the remixes ... the Riot In Belgium remix of "The Man Who Paid Before" in particular. Franz & Shape share the same label -- Relish Recordings -- with Riot In Belgium, so I'm assuming that's how they got them to remix the track. It's good ... sounds a little like MSTRKRFT or something ... heavier, grittier, dirtier dance music with strong electro beats and thick bass lines.
Pretty cool stuff. This stuff will be all over dance floors this summer, so get it now!
Franz & Shape - The Man Who Paid Before (Riot In Belgium's Bedroom Remix)