Magik Markers Prep Boss

magik markers
I usually don't do this -- post about a forthcoming album without providing any music from the actual record -- but Magik Markers are a merited exception.

The Hartford, Connecticut duo was recently signed to Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label, and will release a new album, titled BOSS, on September 25. The No Wave-influenced band is one of my favorites in the noise genre right now, and from what I understand, BOSS will be the best release so far!

Imagine a revived Lydia Lunch on vocals, Theoretical Girls backing her, with a little bit of Sonic Youth in there, too. Abrupt and disjointed, abbrasive and sharp, noisy and distorted ... Magik Marker are far from being anything pleasant.
I guess it's just really exciting to see a band so eagerly embrace the ideals that made Sonic Youth and the original No Wave artists -- Glenn Branca, James Chance -- so exciting: an initiative to experiment the hell out of every instrument they touched, every idea that popped into their mind ...

And Lee Ranaldo agrees!

Check out a couple tracks from their self-titled 2005 release and get pumped for BOSS!
Magik Markers - My Sweet
Magik Markers - Fuck You