Charles de Goal

charles de goal
I decided to do a bit of a throwback post, this one featuring the not-so-infamous Charles de Goal. The French band was formed in 1980 and was pretty prolific between the years 1980 and 1989. For some reason, they decided to resurface in the late 1990s and are now currently touring around a bit, but I've no clue as to why they made this move ... they're far from being on demand and don't have much new to offer. I sort of wish we could just remember them for being one of the best Parisian post-punk groups (which doesn't sound like much, but these guys were good!) ...

Charles de Goal filled the void that crummy French New Wave acts -- like Plastic Bertrant and Lio -- had created. Instead of schlocky New Wave wannabe Duran Duran, Charles de Goal became a sort of French Bauhaus. Their effort to give the country some more riveting and exciting music -- with the album Double Face in particular -- was bold and significant.
So check some of their older stuff out! You'll be surprised, I'm sure ...
Charles de Goal - Vent de Sable
Charles de Goal - (Retour au) Dancing
Charles de Goal - Nuit Noire