It's ashame that Fridge (MySpace), Kieran Hebden's "other" project aside from Four Tet, has faded into the background since the three-piece's last full-length, Happiness, which was released in 2001.

But the group is back in action with its fifth LP, entitled The Sun, and that is good news indeed.
Certainly, I need something different from Hebden ... not sure how much Four Tet and this "folktronica" stuff I can handle. What's most interesting to me about the ensemble is that Hebden is on guitar duties although he's known for his awesome rhythmic sense and style because of his Four Tet work. Even on guitar, though, Hebden's rhythm shines through ... frantic, time-keeping plucking and experimental noodling make this very apparent.
Fridge - Clocks
Fridge - Our Place In This