The Second Band

the second band
Man, it's great how modest and earnest Swedish groups tend to be. Take this new find, the Second Band, for example. The five-piece was formed on a drunken whim; an accidental stroke of genius in the studio.

After realizing that people really liked their stuff, the group got a bit more serious, shed the folk-pop specific style, got some horns and a better drummer, and returned to the studio.
During this session in the studio, the Second Band churned out the spectacular seven-song EP, What's Up, Tiger Lilly, and all I can say is they must, must, must make more music.

The palette of styles the group draws from is wide and varied and all so fun and accessible: from big band oriented indie-pop tunes to a little bit of country pop to the more ballad-y, the Second Band provides music for any sort of situation, any event, and will never stop you from movin' your feet or -- to be terribly cheesy -- moving you ...
the Second Band - Wild Is the Wind
the Second Band - The Modern Age