Motocade (MySpace) is, as far as I'm concerned, the New Zealand version of Bloc Party ... from the angular guitar work to the heavy bass to the high falsetto ... these guys will whet the appetite of any U.K. indie rock fan.

That being said, Motocade is a pretty solid four piece. The "hit" -- "My Friends" -- is a perfect summer tune ... catchy, easy to hum, cute lyrics; exactly what everyone's digging around for right now.

And the group's got an array of styles ... quicker songs like "Bomb Squad" mesh well with slower, contemplative ones like "Into the Fall." Overall, they've tapped into a sound that's easy to play with and get deep in peoples heads, and they do it very, very well.

So give 'em lots of cred, listen to the track below, and buy the thing, too!
Motocade - My Friends
Motocade - BBC Blues