Rumble Strips Remix

sportsday megaphone
I still don't quite understand why the word "remix" has recently become replaced by full on non-sequitur phrases, although I guess they're fun to make. Here's one I just did: "Marco's wild happy-slappy party stopper remixxx." Try doing one yourself ...
The remix I just got in my inbox now is ... "Alarm Clock (Sports Day Megaphone's Stereo Adventure Remix)." Weird.

Enough with the rant. Sportsday Megaphone, a UK artist's whose wardrobe resembles something from Sesame Street, with a style and aesthetic that pretty much matches what you'd expect from the clothes.
Fun, speedy, hyperactive pop nuggets with sing-along-esque vocals assisting in the formation of the melody.

In addition to his own stuff, Sportsday Megaphone also does remixes, looks like, and he most recently did a remix for the UK indie-pop band, the Rumble Strips. The remix is for the group's pseudo hit, "Alarm Clock," but doesn't resemble the original too much! Quicker, glitchier, bouncier, and all around stranger ... and, unfortunately, rejected by Island records.
SO it's up for grabs now! Check it out, yeah?
the Rumble Strips - Alarm Clock (Sports Day Megaphone's Stereo Adventure Remix)


Anonymous said…
love this
Anonymous said…
wish the track still existed. have been hunting through the internet to find even a soundbite and it doesn't exist anywhere anymore. this is all that remains from my search.