Elk City Remix

elk city
This was something I was -- to say the least -- not expecting, but now that it's hit, I'm very surprised, very pleased, and very excited to announce that ... Elk City (the Pixies-esque Friendly Fire Recordings band) has been remixed by Pocket (MySpace)!

Pokcet is a Brookly-based DJ specializing in more refined, atmospheric house and electro dance music. He's done some really spectacular remixes for groups like Of Montreal, Joanna Newsom, Dirty On Purpose, and Cut Power! Obviously, he's not your usual DJ, remixing rockier tracks that one would normally not expect to be dance floor fodder.

However, it works every single time, and the remix of "Cherries In the Snow" he just completed is no exception!
Pocket preserves the darkness and sharp post-punk flavor of the original track, while seamlessly integrating a bouncy, electro beat, hand claps, and a funky synth line. I like it a lot, and I'm sure you're all dig it, too! Check it out!
Elk City - Cherries In the Snow (Pocket Remix)


Anonymous said…
i like the dirty on purpose remix he did. trippy shit!