Coyote Bones

coyote bones
Remember when "wolf" was the hot word to put in any band name? From Wold Parade to Wolf Eyes to We Are Wolves ... everyone was doin' it.
I've this weird feeling that "bones" will be the next over-used one, which we actually only make Coyote Bones (>MySpace) all the more memorable and original!

The Omaha, Nebraska five-piece has a lot in common with other Omaha groups like Tilly & the Wall, Bright Eyes, and even the Fain, I'd say. There's this modesty to their style, a twee backbone to an otherwise bold and confident sound. What's different and exciting about Coyote Bones, though, is their grungier sensibilities ... indeed, at times, the group's style parallels that of ealry-90s classics such as Dinosaur Jr. and even Pavement. The drumming is precise, but laid back, totally unhindered. The vocals are loose and summery and sincere, so easy to digest and mellow to take in, yet forceful, sharp. And it's hard for me to resist that Violent Femmes-esque rhythm guitar layered beneath or atop thick, but simple bass lines and shimmery keyboard lines.

Oh yeah! And the group made a music video for "Living Breathing Demons" which features a Tilly & the Wall gal assistance from a Bright Eyes collaborator! Those Omahaians are a tightly knit crowd!
Coyote Cones - 39 Forever
Coyote Bones - Grand Eclipse