I always feel a tad dumb when I find a band new to myself that's actually been around for a while ... how did I miss something I'm digging so much currently!?
In the case of Marmoset -- a group that's been signed to Secretly Canadian for literally ten years now -- I feel especially dumb because I really love what I've heard of theirs so far.

Enough lamenting.
The group is prepping its fifth release, Florist Fired, for release on July 24. The sixteen track CD took five years to complete, but it's truly a wonderful piece ... a lovely mix between the lackadaisical lo-fi punk styles of Swell Maps and more refined, poppy groups like the Beatles and some mildly psychedelic music. The sound is uniquely Marmoset's, and that's all the more excellent ... I need these guys not only because they're so compelling and appealing, but also because they're the only ones who will provide me with music like this.

They've also released a "greatest hits" sort of compilation up for grabs here.
Really, really awesome ...
Marmoset - Missing Man