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Well, from the sound of "No More," off the forthcoming Dirty Projectors (MySpace) album, Rise Above (due out on September 11 on Dead Oceans), Dave Longstreth -- the "musical director" -- has been listening to a lot of gospel. This makes everything so interesting! "No More" sounds like a seamless integration of what you think when someone mentions the band -- noisy, noodling, experimental, start-stop, jazzy rock music -- with, well ... soul! Longstrth's vocals have become more confident; he's got more control over his high warble, and a whole slew of gospel-esque backing singers help him out.

Now, I don't know if the whole LP will be like this track, but I sure hope "No More" is a good representation!
This little bit was in the press info ... "On the album, Longstreth re-imagines songs from one of the most beloved albums of his youth, Black Flag's Damaged." Mind, the LP will not be a covers album, but still ...
Very, very excited over here ... this seems like a perfect "next step" for the Brooklynites ...
Dirty Projectors - No More


Unknown said…
dirty projectors acoustic damaged session broadcast tonight 6/20!
10 pm est