I'm almost giving up on France ... Ed Banger/Justice/Daft Punk/Kitsune overload. (Not that anything's bad, per se -- I can't get enough of the new Kitsune compilation, for example -- but I've just seen too many live gigs, heard too many remixes, read about it all in too many places ... )

Now my interested has been reinvigorated, though, thanks to Breakbot, a spectacular Moshi Moshi Records artist.
This guy has the funkiness of Daft Punk and the Ed Banger crew with a robotic edge and more melodic side.
While writing this post, I've literally listened to "Summer Party" five times in a row. It's fun, just glitchy and dancey enough to get you going when you're dancing the night away, but not too severe that you can't hear it when you're just relaxing or chilling out.

Not only is Breakbot's Thibaut Berland a fantastic groove-master, but he also posses a degree in computer graphics ... I tell ya ... it's always the multi-talented dudes who churn out the best tunes.
Breakbot - Summer Party