The Millioners

the millioners
The Millioners (MySpace) are a friggin' killer electro-pop dance group from Helsinki, Finland. I'm hooked hooked hooked on these four.

The band was formed in 2003, but didn't reach its current dance-y sound until a year or so back. Dance music with this spacey, disco-infused twist to it. There's this air of sleaze to this music that makes it's otherwise rather straightforward funky disco beats, bass lines, and synth melodies stick out all the more.
I can imagine James Murphy/DFA signing these guys ... they've the potential to really work the dance floor -- and from a new and exciting angle -- all over the world.

The Millioners had some difficulty creating and releasing the album, Most Sexiest Music (the follow-up to the first 12", "Up to You") ... one of the members was stuck in Japan for seven months while the guitarist decided to move to the country for a year. (Uh ... bizarre!) But the wait was more than worth it ... the album, co-produced by Ercola (well known for helping Annie out in the studio, too), is dripping with sexy space disco tracks. A little bit New Order, a little Black Devil Disco Club, a bit Daft Punk ... they'll provide absolutely everything you're looking for in dance music.
Gah ... I want more, more, more already and I've just gotten through the albuma couple times!
the Millioners - Body Into Use
the Millioners - We Come From Womb
the Millioners - Most Sexiest Music


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