"The grotty little brainchild of six losers from Maidstone Kent" is how Yeborobo describes themselves. I think it's accurate, although how can I really say much about these guys as I've genuinely ... never heard anything like it before. They edge on too arty for me -- pulling such stunts as wandering around their hometown with tribal paint all over their faces and generally just hanging with a group of squatters -- but I think I would like them live ... they use all sorts of fun and interesting props, like a blow-up pirate ship, for example.

Or so they say. Yeborobo is one of those bands I just can't trust. Everything I hear I assume to be false until I see it for myself. I'm not sure why, but that's the image they project. Like the Unicorns or something ... bizarrely shrouded in a mystery that was completely public and open. Mind boggling I tell ya ...

Anyway. Their sound is what initially led me to believe that these six are working on a completely different level than anyone else in music today. It's like listening to Liars and Half Japanese's bastard child try to play the drums with AC/DC wannabes on guitar and bass and an absolute lunatic who reminds me of Vivian from The Young Ones.
But I feel like there's some conceptual background here. Am I delusional?
Does that make sense? I hope it doesn't. Just listen already.
Yeborobo - X-Ray Go
Yeborobo - I'm Magic, Gimme a Fiver
Yeborobo - SOS
Yeborobo - Hail Mary and the Fleece of Alladin
Yeborobo - Troublescotch


Anonymous said…

they're just working off a dischord tip.

this is what dc, pa, nj sounded like 3 or 4 years ago.

black eyes, the funeral bird, et al.
Nicholas Mercer said…
i've no fucking clue what you're talking about. give me somethin' here!
Anonymous said…
dischord?! anonymous-friend, i lived in dc, pa, nj 3-4 years ago and it didn't sound like this.

way off the mark.